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For the regular readers out there, you may have realised my running has taken a back seat. The weight piled on a Christmas, which I then dropped in the following month. Some challenging times recently has seen the exercise slump and some poor food choices made. In my head, I’ve made many a plan to get back to fitness. “I will go to this, then I will go to this. Do this, then this. I will be back up to speed in no time”. This never lasts long. As soon as there is a slight bump in the road, it vanishes – like a fart in the wind. A gold star to those who recognise the quote.

As the plans come and go, and fast parkruns remain a distant memory,  I’ve decided to do something different. To do some kind of exercise every day.

Getting in a run or a ride in is great, as is hitting the gym or a class, but it’s the days when life gets in the way. The delayed train or the interruption on the roads. The days when you just can’t face the driving wind and the non-stop rain. On these days, just do something. And do something every day. Don’t miss twice. Go for a walk. Do some squats and press ups. Keep it going until you can pull your trainers, cleats or lycra back on.

The plans and goals can come and go, but it’s the daily behaviours that form habits that last.


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