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Don’t Tell Me The Score Podcast – Toni Minichiello


I’ve written about the podcast – Don’t tell me the score in my “Podcasts you should listen to – August 2019” post. I want to tell you about the Toni Minichiello episode. Toni is best known as the long-term coach of Jessica Ennis Hill, the London 2012 Heptathlon champion and three-time world champion.


I now enjoy Toni as the field event colour commentator (expert) on the BBC Athletics coverage about the idiosyncrasies of high jump, triple and long jump, pole vault, shot, javelin, discus and hammer. I really like him and he’s a genuine guy. In the podcast he shares much of his training wisdom that can relate to the amateur athlete and real life. Its simple, truthful and to the point.


In the episode, Toni talks about –


  • Journey is the fun bit and the bit you will remember.When you reach the top of mountain, your life does not change.
  • Again, when you reach the top, the graft does not stop.
  • Lay strong foundations.
  • Work on your weakest links.
  • Don’t look too far ahead – not get fixated on the goal
  • Rolling with the knockbacks. A step backwards is okay.
  • Failure is not fatal.
  • Learn from when you win, not just when you lose.
  • Don’t look for the cherry on a not existent cake.
  • Do the big bulky basic bit first – i.e. the foundations.
  • Look at what is in front of you – don’t always believe the science.
  • Trust yourself – you probably know the right answers.
  • Fear of the future is the reason you looking for all the answers all the time – you’re afraid of outcome, but you have to step into it.
  • Develop capacity to work – grow frame and engine at same time. Not a big engine on a small frame or vice versa.
  • Enjoy it and smile – otherwise what’s the point.


For another excellent episode – check out the Alex Honnold, Free Solo climber one on fear.

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