Motivation In A Time Of Isolation

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What else is there to write about now?

Not a lot else. Brexit that dominated the news for two or more years has been forgotten as only food stores and chemists are open in the UK. We’ve been told to stay at home due to coronavirus for at minimum 3 weeks.

This has been coming for a few weeks. Bit by bit, the restrictions have got stricter and stricter. Currently, you can still go running or cycling but on your own and only once a day. Continue reading “Motivation In A Time Of Isolation”

Do something every day

Do-somethingFor the regular readers out there, you may have realised my running has taken a back seat. The weight piled on a Christmas, which I then dropped in the following month. Some challenging times recently has seen the exercise slump and some poor food choices made. Continue reading “Do something every day”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 41

C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) ft. Freedom Williams (1990)

This was a school disco classic. When I say school disco, I mean school disco! I was 12 when this was released.

A blend of hip hop, disco and Italian and euro house, this tune is the ultimate party starter and one you absolutely have to dance to right now. Who can resist that opening vocal and chores? Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 41”

The Core – the body’s force transfer centre & running


This paragraph was written maybe 6 months ago….

For several months I have been focusing on my running and cycling, that has meant neglecting my standard BMF sessions. Whilst attending said standard BMF session, there came a time to do some planks and side planks. These were held from between 30 secs to a minute, in which many times I put my knees down, dropped my hips, or made general noises that there was something uncomfortable under my elbow, to my shame was a just a reason to take a rest as I couldn’t hold the positions. Continue reading “The Core – the body’s force transfer centre & running”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 40

Glue – Bicep (2017)

What genre is it? Drum & Bass, dubstep, probably breakbeat.  From the duo from Belfast that made their name blogging about rare dance records, a slow and hard to pinpoint track that’s more sunrise than sunset, which you may have caught on a TV advert. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 40”

The Best Annual Races in London 2020

Here’s a list of races that are held annually and are mostly on closed roads in Central London. These are big races that give you a unique London experience.

There are a lot of other half marathons and 10ks in and around London, but they often cover the same routes particularly the River Thames around Kingston, Richmond and Hampton or the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and are on open roads on footpaths and pavements/sidewalks. These routes can be enjoyed at any other time and no cost, so have not been included here.

I’ve run the majority of these races and have provided links to any races I’ve reviewed. I have also included a short opinion on the race if I’ve done it. Continue reading “The Best Annual Races in London 2020”