The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 40

Glue – Bicep (2017)

What genre is it? Drum & Bass, dubstep, probably breakbeat.  From the duo from Belfast that made their name blogging about rare dance records, a slow and hard to pinpoint track that’s more sunrise than sunset, which you may have caught on a TV advert. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 40”

The Best Annual Races in London 2020

Here’s a list of races that are held annually and are mostly on closed roads in Central London. These are big races that give you a unique London experience.

There are a lot of other half marathons and 10ks in and around London, but they often cover the same routes particularly the River Thames around Kingston, Richmond and Hampton or the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and are on open roads on footpaths and pavements/sidewalks. These routes can be enjoyed at any other time and no cost, so have not been included here.

I’ve run the majority of these races and have provided links to any races I’ve reviewed. I have also included a short opinion on the race if I’ve done it. Continue reading “The Best Annual Races in London 2020”

Provis REFLECT360 Plus Mens Cycling Jacket Review

Credit – roadcc

As the winter nights draw in the UK (it’s dark by 4 pm in December) I’ve become increasingly concerned about how visible, or rather how not visible I am to drivers as I commute home. My normal attire is black and although my leggings and shoes have flecks of reflective stuff dotted around, from the front, I’m not that obvious.

Also, as a driver, I’ve noticed how inconspicuous cyclists can be, but how prominent they can be when wearing one of the many highly reflective jackets available. So, I went on the lookout for one and settled on the Provis REFLECT360 Plus Men’s Cycling Jacket. Continue reading “Provis REFLECT360 Plus Mens Cycling Jacket Review”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 38

Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust (1998)

I said a few weeks ago that Children by Robert Miles would have to be in your Top 10 dance tunes. Would this one have to be Top 3?

An absolute classic from Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk), fellow French DJ and producer Alan Braxe (who collaborated with Fred Falke on the excellent Intro) and vocalist Benjamin Diamond. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 38”

Back to Basics – Part 2

basic to basics

At the end of my Back to Basics Part 1 post, I stated, I will tell you why a new mindset is needed and what the plan is”.

The title of the post is – Back to Basics, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the plan is. I’ve been thinking about this for a while as my fitness has gone down and the weight has gone up. Continue reading “Back to Basics – Part 2”

Back to Basics – Part 1

London Marathon 2019 Finish 1

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time. That’s because I’ve been in the same situation for a long time. I would call it – no mans land. Not training for anything in particular. Floating around. A bit of running here, a bit of cycling there. Generally, not a lot of progress. I’m a bit lost really. I can’t decide what to do. Continue reading “Back to Basics – Part 1”