Ride London 2019 Review / Recap


I’ve entered Ride London for several years and didn’t get a ballot place. The last two years I’ve ended up doing the 46-mile version (Read here and here).

This year I got in. But none of my other cycling buddies did. So, I was on my own but was not going to give up the chance to take on the one closed road ride in London and the South East. Continue reading “Ride London 2019 Review / Recap”

MGVS – Cycling in the French Alps – Outbound and Day One


A few weeks ago, five friends and I went cycling in the French Alps for 3 days. It was a self-planned and operated trip, for which all of it was due to my friend Nick, who found the location, a place to stay and recc’ed the climbs. He is also the founder member of the Mountain Goat Velo Society (MGVS). Continue reading “MGVS – Cycling in the French Alps – Outbound and Day One”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 31

Feeling for You – Cassius (1999)

Last month was marked by the recent passing of another influential DJ. French DJ and producer Philippe Zdar, who accidentally fell from a building in Paris in June 2019. Zdar was one half of the dance music duo, Cassius. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 31”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 30

Numb/Encore – Jay Z and Linkin Park (2004)

The Grammy award winning collaboration between two different genres that’s a mash-up combining lyrics from Linkin Park’s “Numb” and “Encore” by Jay-Z, both released in 2003, but from their EP Collision Course from 2004. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 30”

How do you use Self Help?


I read a post by Mark Manson that said there are 2 approaches to improving yourself-

1) The self-improvement junkie. The junkie has this constant gnawing feeling that there’s still some magic tip or technique or piece of information out there that will create their next big breakthrough Continue reading “How do you use Self Help?”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 29

Track 29 – I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic at the Disco(2006)

There is not many rock tunes on this list, if any. It’s not that I’m just an old school house head. It’s trying to find good rock tunes to run to. I’ve been through plenty of bands, but most songs are not quick enough or at least not quick enough for me and this playlist. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 29”

Overestimating others. Underestimating yourself.

Clark Kent

One of my first posts on this blog was about the Imposter syndrome (I now know it should be called a “phenomenon”, not a syndrome).

The imposter phenomenon is that however experienced or successful you are, there’s always the doubt and feeling at one day the fraud police will tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you’ve been found out and they know that you don’t know what you’re doing. Continue reading “Overestimating others. Underestimating yourself.”