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The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 6

Track 6 – Catch – Kosheen (2001)

So you’ve had a little break with the smooth cruisey vibes of Pete Heller. Now its time to get back to picking off those runners in front of you. There’s no better tune than Kosheen’s Catch to do that too.



This track is off Kosheen’s first album Resist released in 2001. The band fused electronica, drum and bass, breakbeat and alt-rock. This song has the dance beats and cuts, but the full verse and chorus set up of a rock song.

One way to work your way through a race or training run is to focus on the person in front of you and slowly catch them, pass them and then focus on the next person and repeat. This is where this tune comes in. Try these lyrics on for size.

“Out of my way I’m running
I’m gonna catch you if I can
Out of my way I’m coming
I’m gonna catch you if I can”

This track will have you sything your way through the field and mowing the runners ahead of you down. Enjoy.

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Track 6 – Catch – Kosheen (2001)

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