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The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 10 (Special World Cup Edition)

Track 10 – Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes (Echobeatz) (1998)

Today’s track is inspired by the fine summer weather the UK is currently experiencing and the excellent World Cup that’s presently occurring. A track that has me dreaming of doing stepovers and nutmegging the keeper on Copacabana beach in a pick up football game.

The track is a 1998 remix (Echobeatz) of the classic song written and originally performed in 1963 by Jorge Ben Jor and the became Sergio Mendes’ signature song in his 1966 cover version which is an instantly memorable classic.

Some may say this version is an abomination of the original, but it gets your feet moving and if not that then it definitely gets them samba’ing.

The track came out in 1998 and reminds me of the World Cup held in France that year. The original was also the soundtrack to the classic Nike advert for the Brazil football team featuring (the original) Ronaldo and co. playing footie in the airport. The indomitable Zinedine Zidane stopped Brazil retaining the trophy that year as France lifted it following a Zidane masterclass.

To keep you smiling in the sun and doing keep yuppies in the garden, with its samba beats and 90’s piano house vibes, memories of sunshine and World Cups it’s Mas Que Nada.

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Track 10 – Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes (Echobeatz) (1998)

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