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The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 2

Track 2 – Levels – Avicii (2011)

I had the next few tracks lined up for this playlist.  The recent news of the passing of Tim Bergling, or as he was better known, Avicii has changed that. This track was on the long list but has been bumped up.


It’s strange, the sudden nostalgia that happens when an artist passes away. I wasn’t a particular fan of The Cranberries, but found myself listening to their tunes when Dolores O’Riordan passed. I suddenly had a deep regret of not appreciating Prince more when he was alive. Following any death your thoughts go to the good times and your gratitude for them, and with musicians that lives on forever.


It’s often said, “You need just one tune to be remembered”. Avicii knocked it out of the park with his debut release, Levels. It made him the first superstar in the emerging EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene, got him a Grammy nomination but pulled him out of the studio and around the world. The touring and hedonism could very well have been his downfall. This quote rings true for any introvert. He said –


“You’re travelling around, you live in a suitcase, you get to this place, there’s free alcohol everywhere – it’s sort of weird if you don’t drink … I just got into a habit, because you rely on that encouragement and self-confidence you get from alcohol.”


But, what a tune! The synths, the strings, the build, the drop, the break, the epic vocals of the sample from Etta James’ 1962 R&B classic “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”.


Is there a better dance tune to hear at a festival and scream at the top of your lungs with your friends – “Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah”? I don’t think so. Don’t believe me see here and here.


I also like his pre Avicii release Seeking Bromance, which may very well find its way onto this list.


As a piece in the Guardian states “It’s hard to mourn to a song like Levels…” So after the adrenaline of the start, we need some epicness to quell those doubts and get those good feelings with Avicii and Levels.


The Awesome Running Playlist

Track 1 – Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim (1999)

Track 2 – Levels – Avicii (2011)

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