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The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 3

Track 3 – The Greatest – Sia (2016)

Probably the tune that sparked my decision to start this playlist. I heard a fantastic mix on a podcast I listen to. It was a little harder, faster than the original and repeated “I’ve got stamina” a lot. I was running up a hill at the time, and flew up it.

I have looked long and hard for that mix and not been able to find it. Not one of my better stories, but again, the original is also stupendous.

I first discovered Sia via a friend of mine via a song called Breathe Me (2004) that played over the final montage of the TV series Six Feet Under to great effect. If you’ve only know Sia through her output over the last couple of years, go and give Breathe Me a listen. Its super and very different.

Back to running! It’s almost as if The Greatest was written to be a running song with lyrics like –

“Running out of breathe”

“A mountain to climb”

“Don’t give up”

“I won’t give up”

“I free to be the greatest”

“I got stamina”

An absolutely fantastic tune that will have to mowing down the field be it at the start or the end or the race.  It may have to be shuffled down the final list at a later date, to when you really need a pick me up and for someone to say “Greatest “and “Stamina” in your ear a lot.  But for now I want it on the list.

Track 1 – Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim (1999)

Track 2 – Levels – Avicii (2011)

Track 3 – The Greatest – Sia (2016)

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