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How’s you running going?

I’ve lost track of what week of lockdown we are in. I keep saying its 10 weeks, but it’s going on nearly 14  (I think). Within that time, I’ve run a lot more that I would have normally. The lack of daily commute has given me more time at either the beginning or the end of the day to get a run in. Pre-lockdown my training was sporadic and a rehabbing groin strain was limiting me.


The groin strain is much better (thanks!) and I’ve stuck to my own mantra of Do Something Every Day, so have been mixing up a weight, bodyweight and skipping session in the garden one day with running on the others. I’ve kept the single run mileage fairly low, my longest run has been 7 miles and the average would be around 4 miles. I have also thoroughly enjoyed it. With the lack of rush to cram it into the day, or just being able to go later or tomorrow, the ease at which I’m able to get out the door has been very pleasant.

No stress

With the lack of something to train for (a couple of spring/summer 10kms have come and gone) I’ve just gone out and enjoyed my running. Not fretting about mileage. I’ve tried, (sometimes unsuccessfully) to ignore going too fast and just appreciate running along with the beautiful weather we’ve had in the UK over the past few months. With the consistency has come a bit of fitness. I’ve felt comfortable on many runs and my breathing has been controlled and easy.

At the start of lockdown, I did some hill sprint sessions and then every park I pass, I saw the potential to get some sprints in and knuckle down with some speed work. This urge has faded as the pleasant miles have rolled by.

The odd bit of speed though!

With the thrill and appreciation that comes with the random injection of speed. I signed up to and taken part in the first of the Thames Hare and Hounds Virtual Parkland 5km Relays through my running club, Wimbledon Windmilers. You run your 5km anywhere you like, (the real event was due to take place in Richmond Park) log in and post your time with your proof, normally Strava. I did the same for a monthly handicapped race at work, which is now virtual, even coming 2nd last month. My time to beat next month will be lower, so I will drop down the placings no doubt. The bursts of speed have been hard and exhilarating. The hope of the return of parkrun doesn’t hold the fear it once did a few weeks ago.

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It’s clear people with and without kids have had different lockdown experiences. I know some have also struggled in various ways with maintaining their running, fitness and motivation. Which one are you? Have you thrived or withered during lockdown in regards to your running? What have been the benefits or disadvantages to you?


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