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The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 48

Looking for Me – Paul Woolford, Diplo, Kareen Lomax (2020)

There are times when you hear the opening few bars of a tune and you just know you’re going to like it. You then listen to the song endlessly on repeat. This is one of those for me.


Released in June 2020, this collaboration between Paul Woolford, a respected English DJ and producer and Diplo, the American DJ turned pop super producer, would likely have been the clubbing tune of the summer, under different circumstances.


It starts with soothing cores and the haunting vocals of Kareen Lomax, a singer who slid in Diplo’s DMs and ended up with the gig on this monster. The piano cords kick in followed by the stirring bass line giving it a classy ‘90s flavour.


This is one of those songs that can be uplifting due to the beats and Lomax’s emotive voice and also melancholy due to the longing lyrics. When this has dropped on a couple of my recent runs it has had me soaring along.


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