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The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 12

Track 12 – Gym and Tonic – Spacedust (1998)

I thought this track was actually a Thomas Bangalter track (one half of Daft Punk). I was half right. It’s actually a British Duo who took French record producer Bob Sinclar’s track “Gym Tonic”, (a co-production by Thomas Bangalter) and mashed it up with another Bangalter track, Music Sounds Better with You (released under the name Stardust). The original Gym Tonic used a vocal sample from a Jane Fonda workout video, who refused clearance and the song was never released.

The British Duo cleverly re-recorded the vocal samples to get around the clearance issues and called themselves Spacedust (not Stardust) confusing many, including me that it was a Bangalter offering and scored a UK number 1 in 1998.

Jane Fonda is a double Oscar winning actress who took up aerobics following a broken foot and then sold 17 million workout videos and influenced the 1980s fitness craze.

The track is enegetic, upbeat and Fonda’s “vocals “providing the impetus to drive you along and keep your timing. Its a bit chessy, but keeps to soaring along!

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Track 12 – Gym and Tonic – Spacedust (1998)

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