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A Change of Direction


In business, they would call it a “pivot”!

I’ve not been blogging over the last few months. A slump in my running and general fitness has resulted in a slum in my writing. The marathon blues and a dodgy groin have had me struggling. I’m on the way back with shorter runs and cycling to work. I lost 5kg in January!

When I started blogging, I wanted to be everything to everybody. I really wanted to help. I had some things to say, but a chunk of it was pretty vanilla. Some of it, I’m very proud of, but I wanted all the posts to be a thousand words each and for them to be very profound. I was ruled by my SEO app in WordPress.

In wanting everything to be just right, I have many half written pieces that I don’t think are good enough, or have enough to say so they sit in a folder untouched. I want to tell you things or about things, but need ten interesting things to make a good list or lots of things to say about a product to produce a lengthy review.

This is going to change. If I find something to share, I will just share it, even if it is below “the recommended minimum of 300 words” that SEO tells me I need.

There will be books, articles, podcasts, events and gear reviews and any thing in-between. Just stuff I like and think you may too. I hope you enjoy the shorter and more regular posts.

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