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FILM – Bad Boys for Life (2020)

I didn’t think this would be the first thing I would write about in my shorted/different blogs, but I enjoyed this film so much yesterday, I wanted to tell you about it.

I have a bit of history with this film. The original, Bad Boys came out in 1995 when I was 17 and really liked it. The film caught me at the right time. It’s also one of my friend’s favourite films (Nesh, who I went to see Bad Boys for Life with). He had the soundtrack and everything!

We watched it a lot and also quoted it a lot and still do to this day. My point is, after a 25-year gap, I was ready to see this movie. I was buoyed by the reasonable reviews.

Aside – I caught the original on TV recently, and it sadly did not hold up.

Stealing from Empire Magazine’s brief plot summary – With his partner Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) on the verge of retirement after becoming a grandfather, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) has a different problem: he’s been targeted for death by a vicious Mexican drug lord (Kate del Castillo) and her seemingly unstoppable son. Will the bad boys of the Miami PD be able to team up one last time?

It’s good to see Will Smith back on the screen. He is still the “Will Smith” that was once the biggest movie star in the world, looking cool and with nice comic touches. Just a little older and less in shape, which is the whole point. Martin Lawrence has never a favourite of mine, but I really like him in this film and looked forward to when he would appear providing some great comic relief. How funny can a man reacting, screwing his face up and saying “Oh Shit!” over and over again. Pretty funny it seems. I really warmed to him.

The action is generic and not game-changing like in the John Wick films and the plot, apart from one revelation, can be figured out pretty quickly. It’s great fun though and I laughed out loud several times and was poignant at times about ageing.

Keeping it on topic for this blog – I got to have dinner with my friend, catch up with him and have 2 hours of fun watching a nice follow up to an original film we both loved. i.e. Stay in touch with friends and do stuff you enjoy with them.

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  1. That film was based on you and me brother – Bad Boys for life!! It was a lovely evening, good chat with fine dining in the form of kebab – served on a plate non the less! You’re message was spot on though, life’s too short, you have to make a conscious effort to spend quality time with the ones that matter the most.

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