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Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Battery Change – not pairing with Forerunner / GPS Watch


I have recently started Zone 2 training. This is trying to keep your heart rate within the aerobic, Zone 2 area, which is easier said that done. To do this more accurately, I’ve had to start wearing my heart rate monitor strap.


Over a few runs, my heart rate was very erratic and I realised that my Garmin Forerunner 235 was no longer connecting to my Garmin HRM Dual Heart Rate Monitor strap. The Forerunner 235 was using the wrist based heart rate monitor which is not very accurate.


I took a punt on the battery in the HRM strap having gone. I got some CR2032 replacement batteries, found a tiny little screwdriver and replaced the battery. I then tried to pair my the HRM strap with the Forerunner watch, and it didn’t work. I kept telling me to wear the HRM strap, which i was, and I had wet the strap to improve conductivity!


A video of how to change the batter can be found here.


The Garmin website does tell you the following when replacing the battery-


Important – Before inserting new battery, wait 30 seconds to allow module to fully discharge


I had done this, but it was still not pairing. After a bit of Googling I found a tip that solved the issue.


“Try shorting the terminals for a few minutes. Easiest way is to insert the battery wrong side down, then replace it the correct way”.


I did this and it worked. It many not be answer to every issue but it solved mine, and I have accurate HRM readings.

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