The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 21

Track 21 – Voodoo People – The Prodigy (1994)

Keeping the pedal firmly to the metal it the Godfathers of Rave, The Prodigy.

A full on assault of the senses. This track never lets up. There are a couple of breaks and drops but most of it is at a riotous 150 beats per minute. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 21”

More Consistent with your Consistency

Windmiler Autumn Quarter - Consistency

I’ve been struggling recently. For one reason or another, I’ve missed a lot of training sessions. I’ve not been eating so well, put some weight on and lost a chunk of fitness. When I do train or run, I go berserk for a few days, then do f*ck all for a week. This has been the cycle of the past month or so. Continue reading “More Consistent with your Consistency”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 20

Track 20 – Lola’s Theme – The Shapeshifters (2004)

I started to get a bit precious about this list. The first 10-15 tunes that I love to run to were easy to choose. Then, I would take a look at the long list of tunes that I’ve noted down and think “That’s not hard enough, that’s not fast enough” as if every one of them has to be the perfect running tune. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 20”

How to Improve Your Fitness Routine If You’re a Busy-Working Man

This week is a guest post from a fitness and health writer, Peter Minkoff.

Staying fit is not a challenge for all the people who have extremely busy schedules, but for everyone who doesn’t feel like working out, as well. Well, you might be a part of the first group, or perhaps the second one. If you’re a member of the both, then you’re in a bit of trouble. Continue reading “How to Improve Your Fitness Routine If You’re a Busy-Working Man”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 19

Track 19 – Work – Kelly Rowland (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Radio Edit) (2008)

Straight in. Not messing. Go hard. This song doesn’t mess around and drops straight in from the off.

This is my 5km playlist final track and I’ve used it successfully to finish “hard”. The beat and the pace of this song gets me flying and gives me so much energy. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 19”

On Running Mens Hybrid Shorts Review

On Running Hybrid Short – modelled by me!

Price – £80

AvailableOn Running

One of my most popular posts is my On Running Cloudventure Shoe Review. This is either my writing, the interest in On Running, a demand for waterproof shoes or people just like kit and kit reviews. Continue reading “On Running Mens Hybrid Shorts Review”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 18

Track 18 – Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid (2017)

Listening to this, it sounds like a big “F you” song about a failed relationship. It’s actually a response to an older male producer who patronised her and was rude during an early recording session. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 18”

Is it just a matter of doing more?


I wrote this post a while ago. I’m not really sure why I didn’t post it. Possibly due to the “my life is so hard” narrative that people will read, then think “just get on with it and stop moaning”. This short of stuff can be a real turn off. It’s really about telling yourself over and over again that you will do something, and you don’t do it. Anyway, here it is…. Continue reading “Is it just a matter of doing more?”

The Best Nike Adverts

With the release of the new Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, I’ve put together a little ode to my favourite Nike ads.

Kaepernick is the NFL American footballer that kneeled during the National Anthem at the start of games to protest against racial injustice after a series of events that led to the Black Lives Matter movement. Continue reading “The Best Nike Adverts”

22 things to do for race day (possibly 20!)

I’ve done a fair few races in my time, but regularly in my own “I only need 5 minutes to get everything ready” way, I end up wandering around my flat looking for stuff and generally getting stressed. I then think “Why did I leave this until 11:45 pm to do this?”

I’ve racked my brains to think of things to do pre-race to make your race experience go as smoothly as possible. Continue reading “22 things to do for race day (possibly 20!)”