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Ronhill Mens Infinity Cargo Stretch Running Shorts – Review

Ronhill Cargo ShortsI recently raved about the On Hybrid Running Shorts. I thought I had found salvation – carrying my phone and other bits whilst running. Whilst I solved my problem, I was still not quite happy. The inner shorts were a bit short for me. I always wear tight/compression shorts that come to just above my knee and then loose shorts over the top. The On inner shorts come halfway down my thigh. Also, although I bought an extra-large in the On Hybrids, the inner short is still a bit too small to get over my ass.

I then came across the Ronhill Men’s Infinity Cargo Stretch Running Shorts. I’m looking for a short for the London Marathon (and training) to comfortably carry a phone, gels and anything else I may need. The Infinity Cargo shorts may be the shorts to bring balance to running with stuff!

A shout out to Northern Runner for excellent service in getting me the shorts following a lost delivery. Super responsive – please check them out.

I tried the Infinity Cargos out for the first time on a 14 miler around Richmond Park. Yes, I know. This could’ve possibly been fatal had there been any chaffing issues, of which I will get to later. I wear tight/compression short under looser shorts when I run. These shorts may not be designed for this but this is how I use them. Here are my thoughts –

The Sizing

As previously stated, I’m not the skinniest of runners. I’m 5 ft. 10 in (178cm) and currently weigh 88kg (194 lbs) and at my lightest 84 kg (185 lbs) with a 34” waist. The large fitted me very well and were neither too tight and too loose anywhere. There is a robust (not fiddly) looking drawstring in the waistband for security.

The Look

I’m not one for running in just tight shorts so the look is not vitally important to me. But if you did and wanted to rock the lycra, these shorts would be the business, with some reflective trim.

The Comfort

Throwing them into a 14 miler could have been hazardous but there were no chaffing issues. Vaseline had been applied though. So yes, very comfortable. The material is breathable and wicking which on the warmish day that it was, kept me relaxed with no issues. They are not heavy, but I wouldn’t call them lightweight.

The Pockets

These shorts have 5 pockets! Yep, 5! There are also loops for gels or anything else you want to attach to yourself.

Ronhill Cargo Shorts BackThere’s the standard zip pocket at the back which is pretty large and would easily fit a phone, but keys and cards fit in there nicely and is secure. The label says you can fit a lightweight jacket in there upto 600ml.

Two side “Power-mesh stretch pockets” could hold gels or anything that does not have to be super secure. They seem tight enough to put jiggly keys in.

The 4 elasticated loops are ideal for further gels for long, long runs.

The 2 thigh pockets are what I was after. A secure pocket for a phone. I have an iPhone 6 and this was held perfectly. I noticed a little bit of movement from time to time, but it was minimal and I soon forgot about it. If you have a bigger phone than an iPhone 6, I think the thigh pockets on the Infinity Cargo shorts will be able to fit most. The pockets are actually designed for soft fuel/water bottles. This is ideal if you don’t want to run with a hydration pack, waistband or carrying a bottle in your hand. There are Ronhill’s Trail fuel bottles or there are the Kalenji Soft Flasks from Decathlon that will fit nicely.


The Swiss Army Knife of running shorts. A good size and fit and every conceivable pocket you require. Great for lycra gods and also for more modest people to stash their gear in under looser outer shorts.

Good for….

Carrying phones, keys, gels, energy bars and even water.

I have not been able to find a women’s version, but lululemon does plenty of tights that have pockets in the thighs that can take a phone.

You may also have to have a search around the internet for them, plenty of shops have sold out or only have certain sizes left.

If your looking for a fantastic running top, or even if you not, head over to my store and take a look.  Bring a bit of humour, nostalgia and inspiration to our running.

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