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Hi, my name is Iain.

After the Great Newham Run - 2015
After the Great Newham Run – 2015

From being a child and teen athlete (playing every sport under the sun) my sports participation fell off dramatically in my late teens and early twenties. I picked up running again when I turned 30 and ran the London Marathon in 2008 and 2010 (and later 2019). Although I was running on and off through my thirties, I stayed the same fairly large size and weight and never really thinking I was out of shape. I thought that I was just a big lad!


When I started the blog, I’d dropped 13kg (29lbs) over a year or so through exercising more, eating better food, and drinking less alcohol. I hoped the changes I’d made would resonate with a few people to make changes of their own.


This weight has come and gone again several times in the preceding years as I still love food and I’m partial to a bacon sandwich and a couple of beers.  Nowadays, I forego Friday nights out on the town (sometimes) for my early Saturday morning circuits session and my local parkrun.


The blog has moved on from trying to be as fast as possible to being as consistent as possible. I still struggle and the pace and motivation fluctuate constantly, even from run to run. Getting out that door can still be hard.


The blog shares my enthusiasm for running, cycling, sport, wellbeing, music and film and passes on some of the things I have found, tried and continue to find. Hope you enjoy it!


If you would like to get in touch, please email me at iain@bettersorethansorry.co.uk

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  1. Hi Iain, l like the blog (and not just because I am your brother). I have seen the transformation and it has been very impressive . My challenge to you is to provide me with some simple fitness, eating, drinking etc. habits that I can fit around my long commute and 2 kids. My aim is to lose one stone. Thoughts please…..Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, That is a really good idea. I will have to have a think about it and will write a whole post about it. Thanks for reading. Iain

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