Ride London 46 Recap – 29th July 2018

Ride London 2018 Start

What a difference a day or two makes! On Thursday it was 34 degrees C, Friday 31 degrees C, Saturday was the perfect temperature, if you remove the wind the conditions were great. For Sunday, my weather app said 95% chance of rain at 8am. It was 100% correct. Continue reading “Ride London 46 Recap – 29th July 2018”

Virgin Sport British 10km Pace Recap – July 2018

Virgin 10km Pacers

Back in May, I got an email from the Virgin Sport team that I have been chosen to be a pacer at the Virgin Sport British 10K presented by ASICS on 15th July 2018. I was very happy to accept this opportunity, see an event from a different perspective and help others meet their goals. Continue reading “Virgin Sport British 10km Pace Recap – July 2018”

My First Race – Musings and Learnings

First Race

This post is inspired by Tom at The Allrounder. He recently wrote a piece about Global Running Day and told the story of his first organised running experience.

This made me think about my first race that pushed me towards running. I not sure which year it was, but it must have been over 10 years ago, as it was before I ran my first London Marathon in 2008. Continue reading “My First Race – Musings and Learnings”

Feeling Better – Its not always about the running!

Good Mood

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded by a friend that we’d entered a race and it was in two weeks time.

Whilst I wasn’t in bad shape, I’m wasn’t in race shape. (I’m wondering, what is my race shape?)

With only two weeks to go, I did a handwritten plan on how to get  there in the best shape possible. Continue reading “Feeling Better – Its not always about the running!”

The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 8

Track 8 – Nalin & Kane – Beachball (1997)

Another tune that was on the long list and got bumped up today as a friend of mine sent me a What’s App with a link to the tune with the message “This one goes out to the Boy Lard”

My fondness for this tune goes beyond it being a stunning example of 90s Balearic house music. Continue reading “The Awesome Running Playlist – Track 8”

Velo South – When you’ve created a beast!

Velo South G

As Ride London has become equivalently difficulty to get into as the London Marathon, I have had to look for other riding events.

At the start of March, a friend and I were well organised and entered Velo South, a 100-mile closed road ride with 15,000 riders West Sussex countryside including the South Downs National Park. We thought it would just be the two of us. Continue reading “Velo South – When you’ve created a beast!”

To Strava or not to Strava!

Strava - Hills

The other day I was getting ready for training and put on my heart rate monitor strap but then found I had forgotten my Garmin Forerunner (the watch bit). A thought quickly crossed my mind –

“I can’t track my workout and upload it. I might not bother going to training”

I was shocked that I even thought that. It seems the adage about Strava may very well be correct –

“If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen”

Continue reading “To Strava or not to Strava!”