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The Only Running Earphones you need for less than £7

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For a few years I’ve been looking for a great running earphone. I’ve even dropped 200 or so quid on a pair and returned them as they were rubbish. Do I go with a wire, or wireless? Do I just drop a load on a pair of Apple Airpods Pros and then £8 for a piece of rubber to keep them secure?


The title of the post gives it away a little. I didn’t pick up some Beats by Dre phones, because I’m still massively impressed with my JVC HA-EB75 in-earphones I picked up from TK Maxx a few years back for less than £10.


Before you fill up the comments that the sound they produce is sh*t. Yes, they’ll not win any sound quality awards, but they do one job and they do it perfectly. They stay in your ears when you run, they are comfortable and they do not move. You can listen to your tunes, podcast and books without a glitch and will hardly notice them (with a few uses).

A few features

  • Sweat Resistant and Splash Proof
  • Soft rubber ear clip that fits around the back of your ear to hold the earbud in place
  • Adjustable clip structure which has five selectable positions for secure fit
  • Adjustable slider on the wire
  • 1.2m cord – plenty of length to reach a thigh phone pocket or behind you back
  • Never run out of power – you don’t suddenly have to charge them before a run


A couple of negatives

  • Tangle easily – but don’t all earphones
  • No mic – but you will hear if someone is calling/texting

These earphones are not for every day. If you are an audiophile and what to catch the nuances of Random Access Memories or What’s Going On (whilst running) then look elsewhere. If you want a sturdy, secure, hardwearing and comfortable earphone for less than £10 which you don’t have to worry about, then these are the phones for you.


If you have an iPhone with a lightening connector and no 3.5mm jack, you can pick up a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter for around £9 from Apple or this one by Anker, which is a bit more expensive, but their gear is good.

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